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Governor Newsom appoints Robert Stamps as Superior Court Judge.

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Bienvenido a la Corte Superior de Napa:

Domestic Violence & Civil Harassment

Domestic Violence Information

Domestic Violence procedures are designed to protect the safety of all family members, which is of the utmost importance. When domestic violence allegations are present, Family Court Services has a specific set of policies and procedures that govern the practice of mediation.

Additionally, parents have specific legal rights to separate sessions during orientation, parent education and mediation sessions. Parents may also request a support person to accompany them to Court, as well as to all other services at Family Court Services.

Our domestic violence services include Napa Access, a supervised visitation and exchange program, and the employment of a Family Assessment Specialist. Emergency Mediation and the Family Law Facilitator Program also play critical roles for families in which domestic violence may be a factor.

Safety is our First Concern

The FCS Building should be a safe and secure place to discuss the issues about your children. There is a zero tolerance with regard to any expression or threat of violence, disorderly conduct, verbal abuse or observable intimidation.

If there has been domestic violence between you and the other parent:

  • Notify Us - On the back of the parent information sheet, please answer the questions truthfully and completely. If a protective order is in effect, bring a copy with you to our office. When calling for any appointment, notify our staff that you need separate sessions or separate waiting areas.

  • Support Person - The person protected by a restraining order has the right to request that a support person be present during mediation.

  • Separate Meetings - The mediator will meet with parties separately and at separate times.

  • Confidential Addresses - At the request of the client alleging domestic violence, the residential addresses and phone numbers will be kept confidential.

  • Your Parenting Plan - The custody/visitation order shall specify the time, day, place and manner of transfer of the child.

  • Parent Referrals - Parents may be informed about professional counseling assistance where appropriate including, parenting classes, Kid’s Turn, anger management or individual therapy.

Related Resources

  • Napa Emergency Women's Services (NEWS)

    24 Hour Domestic Violence Crisis Line (707) 255-6397

    Outside of Napa County (800) 799-7233

    In an emergency call 911

  • CLETS (California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System)

    If a temporary or permanent restraining order is granted, the information contained on the restraining order will be entered into the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (CLETS) the same day the order is granted if the necessary information is provided on the forms. Complete the identifying information sections on the restraining order to ensure prompt entry into CLETS.

    Search CLETS Forms