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DDA Kecia Lind Appointed as Napa's Newest Judge

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Welcome to our new Grand Jury Members.

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Napa Court Rolls Out Ability-To-Pay Online Tool for Infractions.

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Bienvenido a la Corte Superior de Napa:

Self-Help Services

Self-Help Services info

The Napa Self-Help Center is combined with the Family Law Facilitator's Office to provide assistance completing forms related to Dissolutions, Paternity, Child Custody & Visitation, Child & Spousal Support, and other matters as time permits.  

Our staff is available daily to answer questions regarding procedures, identify appropriate procedures, assist you in preparation and distribution of court forms, and help guide you through the legal process.  Please keep in mind, however, that our services are limited to procedural information only:

  • We do not give legal advice
  • We are not your attorney
  • There is no attorney-client relationship between us
  • Our conversations are not confidential
  • We will not appear on your behalf
  • If requested, we will provide assistance to the other side – even on the very same matter

Get Assistance

We are available during office hours by:

Complete our Customer Intake Form to begin.


A drop box for same day filings and payments will be available at court facilities every day until 5:00pm

Areas of Assistance

  • Divorce

    The Self-Help Center is available to assist you from start-to-finish with your divorce, legal separation or nullity case.  From providing an overview of the legal system to helping you prepare your forms, we will help you at each stage of the process.

  • Custody & Visitation

    We understand that nothing is more important than our children.  The Self-Help Center can help you prepare the necessary forms to refer your matter to mediation where licensed professionals can help parties develop a parenting plan.  If you are able to reach an agreement on your own, we are here to assist help put your agreements into writing for approval by the court.

  • Child Support

    The Self-Help Center can calculate child support and temporary spousal support payments using the state guideline calculator and Dissomaster™ program.  The Center is available to help you prepare the necessary forms to obtain an initial support order or modify an existing order.

  • Domestic Violence & Civil Harassment

    Should you find yourself in need, we are available to prepare the necessary forms to obtain a restraining order to protect yourself from harm.  We will schedule your matter for court, prepare all the court paperwork, and provide instruction regarding the process from start to finish. In addition, we can refer you to other organizations that may be able to provide further support or assistance.

  • Paternity

    If you are an unmarried parent, the Self-Help Center is here to help you establish paternity, define custody and visitation rights, and determine the appropriate amount of support. Our staff will collect your information, prepare the forms and provide instructions on your next steps to finish the legal process.

  • Other Matters

    The Self-Help Center also helps with Guardianships of the Person, Landlord/Tenant matters, and other matters as time permits.  Unfortunately, we cannot help everyone.  For instance, our office does not process small claims requests, conservatorship matters, real estate transactions, contract actions or personal injury claims.  However, we will do our best to refer to additional resources that may be available.