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Small Claims Calendars will be heard at our Juvenile Courthouse located at 2350 Old Sonoma Road May 18th through June 8th.

Please visit the Clerk's Office or call 707-299-1130 with any questions.

Bienvenido a la Corte Superior de Napa:

Judicial Assignments

Current Judicial Assignments

  • Presiding Judge

    Hon. Cynthia P. Smith

  • Assistant Presiding Judge

    Hon. Victoria Wood

  • Appellate Division (Department B)

    Hon. Scott R. L. Young, Supervising Judge

    Hon. Cynthia P. Smith

    Hon. Victoria Wood

    Hon. Mark Boessenecker, Alternate

  • Criminal Division

    Hon. Monique Langhorne, Supervising Judge (Department 5)

    Hon. Mark Boessenecker (Department 4)

    Hon. Joseph J. Solga (Department 1)

    Hon. Elia Ortiz (Department 3)

  • Civil Division

    Hon. Cynthia P. Smith, Supervising Judge (Department A)

    Hon. Scott R. L. Young (Department B)

  • Family Division

    Hon. Victoria Wood, Supervising Judge (Department C)

    Hon. Robert Stamps, Commissioner (Department 6)

  • Juvenile Division

    Hon. Victoria Wood, Supervising Judge Juvenile Delinquency

    Hon. Robert Stamps, Commissioner Juvenile Dependency

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