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Bienvenido a la Corte Superior de Napa:

Family Court Services

The mission of Napa Family Court Services is to provide a broad range of family-focused programs that assist parents in making decisions in the best interest of children during a family transition.

Family Mediation & Orientation

In cases where a restraining order is in effect, either parent may request information about available parking areas and separate waiting rooms in Family Court Services for mediation appointments. The main courthouse entrance is staffed by security personnel. Parents may also choose to mediate separately. See Domestic Violence Services for additional information.

All Mediation appointments are conducted via remote audio/video using Zoom. Please review the Mediation Zoom Links to connect to a Mediation session.

Mediation gives parents the opportunity to create a parenting plan for the care of their children after separation. A parenting plan contains decisions made by the parents or the court about the living arrangements and other regular contacts that the children will have with their parents after the separation or divorce.

There is no set limit on the number of mediation sessions needed to create a parenting plan that serves in the best interest of the children. If no agreement is reached over the course of the mediation process, and it appears that further sessions will be unproductive, the case is generally referred back to the court for a hearing and the judge will make a decision about an appropriate parenting plan.

Prior to the first mediation appointment, both parents are required to complete Online Orientation. Please call (707) 299-1240 for more information.

In English

Online Orientation

en Español

Programa de Orientación a la Mediación

After both parents have attended the orientation and education program, a mediation appointment is scheduled.

If you should have any questions about scheduling an appointment, please call Family Court Services at (707) 299-1240.

Family Court Services provides Family Court Orientation and Parent Education to separating and divorcing families for two reasons.

  • To acquaint parents with Family Mediation and other Family Court procedures

  • To provide families with information about ‘co- parenting’ strategies and ways to increase productive communication after separation.

The curriculum covers a wide range of topics that include focusing on the Court process and how to most effectively work with the other parent toward an agreement that is intended to benefit all parties. We also provide information that focuses on the needs of children and ways the children are impacted by conflicted parents, as well as solutions for the parents to refocus on their children’s needs.

Access the Family Court Orientation program here.

There is no charge to attend the Family Court Orientation and Parent Education program.

After both parents have attended Parent Orientation and Education, a mediation appointment will be scheduled.

Domestic Violence & Civil Harassment Services

Domestic Violence procedures are designed to protect the safety of all family members, which is of the utmost importance. When domestic violence allegations are present, Family Court Services has a specific set of policies and procedures that govern the practice of mediation.

Domestic Violence & Civil Harassment Services