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Governor Newsom appoints Robert Stamps as Superior Court Judge.

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Bienvenido a la Corte Superior de Napa:

Family Law

Filings may be electronically filed (eFile)

Family Division Topics

  • Family Filing

    The Civil Division provides legal processing services to individuals and businesses of Napa County in the areas of Family Law, Probate Guardianships/Conservatorships, Mental Health, General Civil both limited and unlimited jurisdictions.

  • Family Court Services (Required for Custody and Visitation Issues)

    Mediation gives parents the opportunity to create a parenting plan for the care of their children after separation.

    Online Mediation Orientation

  • Civil, Estates, and Family Law voluntary Mediation

    Most civil and family law disputes are resolved without filing a lawsuit, and most civil lawsuits are resolved without a trial. To facilitate case settlement, the Court encourages litigants to consider mediation as an alternative to traditional forms of settling a disagreement. It is generally less formal, less expensive, and less time-consuming than a trial.

  • Self-Help Center

    The Family Law Facilitator provides information and assistance in filling out forms to establish paternity, obtain or modify child support, and request protective orders.