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Court Reporters

Court Reporter Division

The Court Reporter Division provides a verbatim record of courtroom proceedings. Duties include the preparation of written transcripts when requested and readback of testimony during court proceedings and to jurors during deliberations. 

The division is made up of Certified Shorthand Reporters licensed by the State of California. All Napa Superior Court court reporters utilize computer aided transcription.

Court Reporting Services

Official court reporters are not provided by the Court in proceedings for which such services are not legally mandated. These proceedings include civil law and motion and family law matters. If counsel wish to have the hearing on their civil law and motion matter reported, they must arrange for a private court reporter of their choosing to be present.

Attorneys or parties should confer with each other to avoid having more than one court reporter present for the same matter.


If you wish to order a transcript, you may send an e-mail or submit a written request. The request should include the following:

  1. Name of the case

  2. Reporter's name

  3. Exact date of the hearing

  4. Judge who presided over the hearing

  5. Address and/or telephone number so that the responsible court reporter can contact you with a time and cost estimate

Requests can be mailed to the address below or submitted via email to the individual court reporter.

1111 Third Street
Room 328
Napa, CA 94559

Staff Email



Benita Duncan

Sallie Estudillo

Michelle Lelevier

Cynthia Perez-Lomeli

Any questions call (707) 299-1185.

Electronic Recordings

A court recording is an alternative method to capture court proceedings for misdemeanor or infraction cases by using an electronic recording device (Government Code 69957). A fee of $12 per USB drive will be assessed.

Before contacting the court, the following is required to request an Electronic Recording:

  1. Case Name:
  2. Case Number:
  3. Type of Proceedings/Event
  4. Date of Hearing/Event Date
  5. Name of Judge/Judicial Officer:
  6. Courtroom:
  7. Verify the Reporter is Electronic Recording (ER). 

Request a copy of an electronic recording for:

  • Criminal cases: Adrienne Coleman at (707) 299-1272
  • Civil cases: Julie Oliver at (707) 299-1151

Reporters Fees vs. Transcript Fees

Reporter fees are collectable in any civil case, which includes all matters other than criminal or juvenile. Fees shall be due and payable from the beginning of the hearing or trial. Unless otherwise ordered, a half-day fee shall be charged for any matter lasting more than one hour. A full day shall be charged for any matter lasting more than four hours.

Transcripts are purchased from an individual court reporter. All arrangements for preparation, delivery and payment are between the requesting party and the individual court reporter. Napa Local Rules.

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