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COVID-19 Response Information:

Bienvenido a la Corte Superior de Napa:

Remote Appearance

Services via Remote Audio/Video

The court offers the following services via remote audio/video:

Mandatory Remote Appearances

Remote appearances are mandatory in the following calendars, unless otherwise determined by the judicial officer.




A and B




Civil Law and Motion

LPS Conservatorships or Mental Health

Civil Ex Parte




Master Family Law

Small Claims (mandatory as of 8/3)





Restraining Orders

Self-Represented Family Law

Family Law Ex Parte (if hearing required)

For Zoom Meeting information for these and all other calendars with optional remote appearances (Departments 1-6 and A-C) can be accessed here.

Prior to appearing remotely for a court hearing, consider the following:

Before the Hearing:

  • Visit to learn how Zoom works
  • Download Zoom app to your computer, tablet, or phone
  • You do not need a Zoom account to participate in a meeting
  • You may appear by phone if you do not have access to video

Day of the Hearing:

  • Find the Zoom meeting information for the courtroom where you are scheduled to appear.
  • Confirm that your video and audio are working as expected
  • Join the meeting at least 5 minutes before you scheduled time, you may be placed in a waiting room to be checked in

During the Hearing:

  • Verify your device has adequate power and that you will have a reliable connection for the entire remote appearance
  • Ensure that your microphone is muted when not talking

Remote Appearance Etiquette:

  • Please respect all participants as if you were appearing in court in person
  • Be conscious of what is in your background, as it can be distracting to others
  • Remote appearances are prohibited from being recorded or broadcast except in compliance with California Rule of Court 1.150.

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