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2024-2025 Grand Jury Recruitment is now open.

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Bienvenido a la Corte Superior de Napa:

Additional Information

Counsel & Investigator Rates

Court Appointed Counsel and Investigator Rates in Criminal and Civil/Family Law Contempt Cases

  • Attorneys - $80 per hour

  • Investigators - $45 per hour

  • Court Appointed Minor's Counsel in Family Law Cases (FL3150) $150 per hour

Security Information

Everyone that enters a court facility is subject to search and will be screened. All weapons or items that could potentially be used as a weapon are prohibited and will be confiscated; this may include, but is not limited to:

  • Knives or Scissors

  • Wallet Chains

  • Metal Fingernail Files

  • Handwork Needles

  • Tools

  • Screwdrivers