Sep. 26, 2020

Mediation Panel List


Name Contact  Bio Hourly
Areas of Law

Alarcon, Carlos J.







Business, Landlord/Tenant, General Civil, Real Property, Employment, Insurance

Arbuckle, Julie







Business, Construction, Employment, Insurance, Landlord/Tenant, Litigation, Malpractice, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Real Property

Christo, Robyn





$ Litigation, Trust & Estates
Dell'Ario, Alan




$ Appellate Law
Hudgins, Nancy





$ Employment, Family Law, Litigation, Malpractice, Personal Injury, Trust & Estates
Lavoipierre, Xavier





$350 Construction, Employment, Landlord/Tenant, Real Estate
Moss, Roger





$375 Business, Construction, Employment, Landlord/Tenant, Litigation, Real Property, Trust & Estates
Preovolos, Michael




$ Litigation
Rogaski, Jr, Chester




$ Litigation
Rybicki, Rick





$375 Employment
Weber, Howard



$ Litigation

*Contact mediators directly to determine if there are pro bono hours available.  If there are no pro bono hours available, the hourly rate would apply.

List Updated November 14, 2016

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